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Category: Implementation
Number of Subcategories: 8
folder_green.png WP1 (DEV)
Files: 20
Developing administrative and legal conditions for improved university support services and procedur
folder_green.png WP2 (DEV)
Subcategories: 1
Files: 30
Fostering various support services (academic mobility support, IT support, marketing and information activities)
folder_green.png WP3 (DEV)
Subcategories: 2
Files: 35
Capacity building of the teaching and non- teaching staff for better participation in EHEA
folder_green.png WP4 (DEV)
Files: 12
Providing language support for full participation in EHEA
folder_green.png WP5 (DISS)
Subcategories: 5
Files: 69
folder_green.png WP6 (QPLN)
Files: 12
Quality plan
folder_grey.png WP7 (EXP)
Files: 0
folder_green.png WP8 (MNGT)
Subcategories: 19
Files: 101