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The Meeting of the WP1 And WP2 RS Partners' Team was held at Rectorate Building of the University of Kragujevac, Serbia, on 21 January, 2015.

The aims of the meeting were as follows:

-    to  analyse the WP1 and WP2-related activities carried out so far within the FUSE TEMPUS project and discuss the possible measures to be undertaken in the process of improving the legal framework and the actual practice in the field of internalization of high eductaion in Serbia,

-    to discuss possible system support (i.e. support of the national Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development – MESTD)  of the achieved results and of the proposals for future FUSE project activities in the given area put forward by the representatives of various RS partners.

Download The Agenda of the Meeting and The Meeting Report.

The Meeting Attendance List is available on the Project MNGT Platform.