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Every 3 months we make reports on website visits. Metrics used is provided by Google Analytics, service that generates detailed information about website traffic. It has many features, but we'll use just a few of them. The period included in this analysis is August 1st 2016 - November 30th, 2016.


The first document illustrates audience overview for the period given. There you can see parameters such as Total number of sessions, visitors (users), average times etc...

Download: FUSE - Google Analytics - Visits 20160801-20161130 (pdf, 66KB)

The second document illustrates visitors by country. Small numbers for some countries are not alway insignificant, since we have average session duration parameter for those visitors which shows us that it's not always a statistical error that someone visited our website.

Download: FUSE - Google Analytics - Locations 20160801-20161130 (pdf, 156KB)

All documents regarding website statistics will be placed within separate folder in
Documents / Implementation / WP5 (DISS): Google Analytics for the FUSE website.