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The UNI FUSE Team is exceptionally pleased to announce that the student mobility scheme organized by UNIBA for students from FUSE RS HEI partners within ERASMUS+ Programme (http://fuse.ni.ac.rs/news/136-uniba-scholarships-granted) has been presented as an example of best practice in the area of individual academic mobility in Germany in the DAAD's (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst / German Academic Exchange Service) Erasmus+ Annual Report (Erasmus+ Jahresbericht) for 2015.

The Report is available at https://imperia.daad.com/medien/eu/publikationen/erasmus+_jahresbericht_2015.pdf (pages 56 and 57) as well as within our WP5 documents.

The report explicitly cites the TEMPUS FUSE project and all the RS HEI partners in the project.

The UNI FUSE team would once again like to express its deepest gratitude to Dr. Andreas Weihe, the Head of the Office for Academic Exchange at UNIBA, all the other members at the given office, to the RS HEI partners, and in particular to our RS HEI students for being selected for Erasmus+ scholarships to spend one semester at UNIBA and for doing a great job there.

The UNI FUSE team hopes that this mobility scheme will continue in the future and serve as a guarantee of the sustainability of project results, especially in the area dealt with in WP1 - developing administrative and legal conditions for improved university support services and procedures, in this case in the area of individual student mobility.